About Us

Following in the footsteps of his father who had been in the industrial supply and CNC machine tool industry for many years, Maury Auer opened an office for Syracuse Supply Company in Export, PA as part of their CNC Machine Tools Division. When Syracuse Supply finalized that they no longer wanted to maintain an office in the area, Maury bought the rights to the division in 1993. Soon after, Maury launched 2SQ Industrial Supply to provide machine tools and service to the entire Western Pennsylvania area. Since its long beginnings in Export, PA, 2SQ Industrial Supply has moved to Greensburg, PA into a 12,000 square foot warehouse and rebuilding center and now has become one of the largest distributors and service providers of CNC machine tools in Western Pennsylvania.

“Manufacturing is a unique market. Customers demand excellence. They expect us to show up, roll up our sleeves, get dirty, and fix their problem. That’s what WE DO. We are problem solvers at heart and because of that, we’ve learned lots of things. We don’t just sell  machine tools. We sell solutions; We want our customers to be successful on the highest level. “

– Maury Auer

    President, 2SQ Industrial Supply