CNC 8055

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CNC 8055-i

Basic configuration
• Up to 1Mb of user RAM memory.
• Compact flash of up to 2 Gb (optional) with flash memory to
store user programs, OEM programs, PLC programs,
customizing programs, parameter tables, etc.
• USB connector for backup of programs, parameters and tables.
• Ethernet (optional). TCP-IP protocol.
• Opto-coupled RS-232 serial line (115,200 baud).
• Feedback inputs for 2 electronic handwheels.
• Interface for 2 probes.
• PLC’s opto-coupled digital I/O: 16 inputs and 8 outputs (24
V DC, 150 mA).
• Optional expansion of opto-coupled digital PLC I/O: 40 inputs
and 24 outputs (24 V DC, 150 mA).
• Feedback input and analog output for the spindle.
• Optional analog expansion of 4 feedback inputs of 1 Vpp/TTL
and 4 analog outputs.

The CNC 8055 M (ISO) and CNC 8055 MC (ISO and Conversational) models are
especially designed to work on milling machines and machining centers, both horizontal
and vertical.
Thanks to their features, the help improve the productivity of the processes achieving
significant machining time reduction, improved part finish as well as considerable
setup and training time reduction.