DL 25SY(0)


Machine Strong Point
With one chucking, integrated machining is available with the C-axis crossply controlling BMT type tool rest. Easy control that removes need for polar coordinates interpolation and C-axis partition. Greatly reduced non cutting time. Milling or drilling outside the range of the center is available.

Machine Specifications
Max. Turning Dia. 400 (15.75)
Max.Turning Length 980 (38.58)
Max. Spindle Speed 3.000
Spindle Nose A2-8
Standard Chuck Size 12
Main Spindle Motor (Cont./30min) 18.5/22 (25/30)
X axis travel 230 (9.06)
Z axis travel 1.030 (40.55)
X axis rapid traverse rate 20 (787.4)
Z axis rapid traverse rate 24 (944.88)
Max. No. of Tools 12 / BMT55