Reconditioning The Future

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Photo: Fadal 15XT Reconditioning

In the midst of the 2008-2009 economic downtown, 2SQ, like many thought the doors would be shut permanently. Determined to keep the long time machinery distributorship intact, Maury Auer and the hardworking employees at 2SQ had to   find  their biggest solution yet: How can 2SQ stay afloat in the manufacturing world if machines are not being sold?

Maury and the employees at 2SQ, most of whom are Auer related, have been around industrial ¬†machinery their entire lives. Growing up in the rural hills of Mt. Pleasant, PA and having a father who built his career in the industry, had put machine tools in their blood. With strategy and wit, 2SQ decided to start reconditioning the very machines they had come to know so well. It was absolutely perfect fit for the times. 2SQ could now offer to recondition a customer’s old and used machine and restore it back to new for a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new factory machine.

Now five years the later, 2SQ stands tall once again as one of Western Pennsylvania’s top machine tool dealers. Over the course of the five years 2SQ has also become globally renown for their jig grinder repair and machine reconditioning services.